Trader earns R$ 350,000 after buying cryptomeda that went up more than Bitcoin in 2021

User decided to invest in cryptomoedas for the first time and in four days made a profit of over 345%.

Trader earns R$ 350,000 after buying cryptomoeda that went up more than Bitcoin in 2021NOTÍCIAS

A cryptomaniac trader considered ‚first time‘ made an impressive profit of almost R$350,000 after investing in an altcoin that rose more than the price of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2021.

According to a report by P2P seller Michel Lopes Del Sent published in a Facebook group last Friday (8), in just four days the investor earned R$ 347,300, soon after buying approximately R$ 100,000 in Nano.

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Thus, with the altcoin’s rise of more than 345% between the 3rd and the 7th of January 2020, the trader managed to make a windfall profit. Seller Michel P2P said that the user thought that the money could be doubled by investing in Nano, but this could take a few years.

345% Profit with Cryptomeda
In just four days a cryptomaniac trader made a profit of almost 345% by investing in Nano. According to Michel P2P, who sold R$ 100 thousand in altcoin to the user, he expected to have a 100% profit when investing in cryptomoeda.

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However, the investor’s profit was much higher and happened in less than a week. With Nano’s price reaching 345% appreciation in about five days, the client of seller Michel P2P managed to increase the amount invested from R$ 100 thousand to almost R$ 450 thousand.

„On January 3, he felt he should buy R$ 100,000 in Nano. This amount was from a flat that he sold and wanted to put in Bitcoin, but ended up falling in love with Nano and its history, and decided to bet to wait a few years“.

Nano price in 2021 (Reproduction/TradingView)

Invest in Bitcoin
The trader who made almost R$350,000 with Nano said he was thinking of investing in Bitcoin. He sold a flat to buy altcoin, which made a 345% profit recently.

Although he was not advised to sell assets for risky investments such as cryptomorphs, he said that there would be no shortage of that amount, so he decided to take his chances at Nano.

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Therefore, without ever having invested in cryptomoedas in his life, the ‚first time trader‘ managed to make an impressive profit. With the purchase and sale of altcoin, he can now buy more than four flats for the initial investment of R$ 100,000.

„Until then, he had never bought a currency, nor knew what a wallet was. And then, on January 3, 2021, he bought me R$100,000 worth of Nano, and on January 7 he sold me almost everything. Each Nano cost around R$5.37 (18,621 coins) and he sold almost everything for R$24.85 (R$447,300)“.